Can an Arborist Save My Topped Tree?

22 November 2019
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Has a neighbour or someone unknown to you cut the head off your tree? Then you need the tree care skills of an arborist to save your tree. Since trees take in food and moisture through their leaves, arborists or tree removal specialists do not recommend topping them. However, if this has happened to your tree, you are likely wondering if you can still save your tree. While you can save your tree, it may never be the same again. Read More 

Factors that determine the cost of tree lopping

20 July 2019
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Tree lopping is an essential practice for individuals with trees on their property. The main aim of tree lopping is to maintain the aesthetic appeal of trees by removing overgrown or diseased branches. Many homeowners are unaware of tree lopping costs until they require this service. A few factors influence the cost of tree trimming, including: DIY trimming  The cost of DIY lopping is minimal, but it requires time and effort out of your busy schedule. Read More 

Does Tree Felling Include Stump and Root Removal?

22 January 2019
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If you have a tree on your property that needs to be felled, then you might expect all of the tree to go at once. However, tree removal services vary. What can you expect your tree fellers to do? Do you need extra work done after the tree is taken down? What You Get From Basic Tree Felling Services Typically, when you arrange to have a tree felled, you get a core service that removes most of the tree. Read More