What Are Pond Apple Trees, And Why Should You Have Them Removed From Your Land?

11 April 2018
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Australia's remarkable flora and fauna are one of its greatest boons, but the sheer uniqueness of Australian wildlife can be a double-edged sword -- species from other parts of the world that are introduced either deliberately or accidentally can wreak havoc on local ecosystems, as the native life is simply unprepared to deal with the growth of organisms it has never encountered before. While cane toads and wild hogs might be two of the more notorious invasive species infesting the Australian countryside, not all invasive species are animals, and the humble pond apple tree, a relatively small and slender tree bearing apple-like fruits, can be remarkably destructive if left to grow unhindered. Read More 

Two ways to keep the trees in your garden in good condition

14 December 2017
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Trees can greatly enhance the appearance of a garden area. Here are some of the things you can do to keep the trees in your outdoor space in good condition. Utilise mulch One of the most effective ways to keep your trees healthy is to place mulch around their bases. The term 'mulch' refers to a collection of loose materials which are placed on the top layer of a patch of soil. Read More 

Tips To Get Your Trees Into Shape Before Storm Season Hits

3 January 2017
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If you live in an area where storms are a regular feature of the climate, preparing your trees well in advance of the bad weather is essential. Advance preparation is important for the health of your trees and the safety of your property. Here's some advice on preparing your trees for storm season. Look for Vulnerable Trees The first thing to do is identify any trees that are more vulnerable to storm damage than others. Read More 

Soil Compaction - Solutions and Advice

28 October 2016
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A common problem that can affect trees of any species is dehydration.  But you water your precious trees regularly, especially in very warm spells of weather, so how could they be dehydrated?  Well, soil compaction could be your problem.  Here's how to treat and prevent soil compaction. What causes soil compaction? Each time you walk around your trees or push your lawn mower over the grass beneath them, you risk causing soil compaction. Read More 

Tree Removal: 5 Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether to Remove a Tree or Not

12 July 2016
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A garden filled with flourishing plants and flowers is a feast for the eyes, and a pleasant place to relax. A suitably placed tree can also serve to make your garden more aesthetically pleasing, whilst offering shade during the summer. However, as trees mature and grow they can sometimes become a hindrance. If you feel a tree on your property is more trouble than it is worth you might have to consider removing it. Read More