2 Benefits of Using a Professional Service to Grind Down the Tree Stumps Sticking Up on Your Property

13 February 2023
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Whether you were trying to clear space on your property or had diseased or severely damaged trees, you may have recently had several trees taken down by a professional tree service. Because of this, you may have stumps that are left sticking up and creating eyesores every time you look out your window, leaving you to wonder what you should do with them.

If so, you may want to consider having a professional service come in and grind them down until they are even with the ground. Besides restoring the beauty of your property, there are a couple of benefits of hiring a service to grind down the tree stumps.

1. Prevents Stump Sprouting While Encouraging Wanted Growth in the Area

One benefit of having a professional service grind down the leftover tree stumps on your property is that doing so helps prevent stump sprouting. While the tree itself is gone, the leftover trunk can still generate new life, causing small trees to sprout out of its base.

Since the small growth can suck the nutrients out of the surrounding soil, this can take away from the new growth that you want that will help cover the area. When the stump is ground down, however, this prevents the new trees from sprouting while encouraging the growth that you want in the area.

2. Removes Potential Nesting Sites for Destructive Pests Such as Termites and Carpenter Ants

Another benefit of having the leftover tree stumps ground down is that doing so eliminates the risk of pest infestations. When stumps are left to rot, the rotting wood and moisture create an ideal nesting site for such destructive pests as termites and carpenter ants.

After taking up residence in the stumps, the insects may decide to move on to other nearby structures, including your house. By grinding down the stumps, you take away these potential nesting sites and discourage the presence of these pests on your property.

Besides being an eyesore, keeping tree stumps in your yard will only lead to unsightly tree sprouts and provide a nesting place for destructive insects such as termites and carpenter ants. When you have the stumps ground down by a professional, it eliminates stump sprouting while encouraging new wanted growth while removing the risk of pest infestations. For more information, contact a company in your area that offers stump grinding services to speak with a representative.