4 Warning Signs That You Need Weed Control Treatment

13 July 2022
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Weed control is the most important part of lawn care, and it's something every homeowner should do. If you don't have a weed control program in place, you'll see weeds popping up all over your lawn.

Weeds are an eyesore and they can also hurt your lawn's overall health. They steal nutrients from the soil and sunlight from your grass, making it difficult for your grass to grow properly.

Here are four warning signs that you need weed control treatment:

1. You Need Weed Control Treatment If Your Lawn Is Covered In Dandelions 

The first sign that you need weed control treatment is if there are large patches of dandelions or other weeds growing on your lawn. They're easy to spot because they have bright yellow blooms and leaves that grow up to several inches long. Dandelions usually appear as small clusters of plants in one area, but if there are large patches of them growing together, it could indicate that you have an issue with insects like fleas and ticks or fungi like powdery mildew.

2. You Need Weed Control Treatment If Your Lawn Is Turning Brown On One Side

One of the most common signs of weed infestation is when one side of your lawn turns brown while the other remains green and healthy. This occurs because weeds are taking up all of the nutrients in the soil needed to support healthy grass growth. If left untreated, this condition will only get worse until eventually, you have an entire patch of brown where once there was green grass.

3. You Need Weed Control Treatment If You Notice Weeds Concentrated In One Area

If you see lots of weeds popping up in one area — especially if they come back after being removed — there's likely something wrong with that spot in particular and not with your entire lawn. This might mean there's too much shade or sun, not enough air circulation in that area, too much fertiliser or nitrogen in one spot, poor drainage, compacted soil or a combination of these factors. Weed management can help determine this.

4. You Need Weed Control Treatment If You're Not Sure What Kinds Of Weeds You Have

It's not uncommon for homeowners to be confused about what kinds of weeds they're seeing in their lawns or gardens. Different species can look similar, especially when they're young, so it can be difficult to tell them apart at first glance. It's important to know what kind of weed you're dealing with before you start trying to treat it — otherwise, it could be an uphill battle to control the weeds. Professional weed management can help you to deal with specific weeds properly.

Weed control treatments are designed to kill weeds and prevent them from growing in your yard. If you see any of the above signs, it's time to get a weed control treatment. Chat with a professional about weed management today.