Does Tree Felling Include Stump and Root Removal?

22 January 2019
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If you have a tree on your property that needs to be felled, then you might expect all of the tree to go at once. However, tree removal services vary.

What can you expect your tree fellers to do? Do you need extra work done after the tree is taken down?

What You Get From Basic Tree Felling Services

Typically, when you arrange to have a tree felled, you get a core service that removes most of the tree. The company you hire will take down the branches and the vast majority of the trunk.

However, the quote you get for the work doesn't necessarily include going deeper than this. The tree will be removed almost to ground level, but the stump and root system will still be there.

How Extra Tree Felling Services Work

Felling a tree takes specialist skills and equipment. Taking out a stump or root system are different kinds of jobs. They also require their own equipment and skills.

While tree removal companies may not automatically include stump or root system removal in a tree felling plan, you can usually add this as an extra. These jobs are done after the tree is taken down and will add some costs to your quote.

How to Assess What You Need

While getting your tree down may be essential, taking out its stump and roots might not be. It's common to leave stumps in place. Once the main parts of the tree have gone, stumps and roots will eventually die.

So, if the stump or roots aren't going to bother you, then you could simply opt for standard tree removal. However, there are times when you may need to get your tree removal company to do more work.

If the stump is in the way, then it's a good idea to ask your tree removal company to grind it down for you. This removes the stump and levels the land it sits on. With no tree or stump, the root system will die over time too.

If you are taking the tree down to do some landscaping or building work, then you may want to have the root system removed as well as the stump. Again, your tree removal service can usually do this for you.

To find out what you need to do, ask a tree removal company for advice. They can help you decide whether you need additional services or not.