Planting New Trees? Get Your Saplings From a Wholesale Nursery

24 September 2018
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If you are looking to spruce up your kerb appeal, your first course of action may be enhancing your landscape. Greenery on your property not only improves the visual interest of your property, but it can also help with minimising heat gain as compared to just having the entire exterior concreted. But planting trees from scratch can be a tedious endeavour. Nurturing the seeds to grow will require you to keep a keen eye on the ambient temperature, hydration levels and so on. Homeowners who do not have extra time on their hands will be better off selecting saplings from a nursery and planting these instead. This piece examines three reasons why you should get your saplings from a wholesale nursery when embarking on a tree-planting project.

Wholesale nurseries accord you high-quality saplings

Contrary to popular belief, planting trees is not merely about placing the seeds in the ground and watching them grow. While adult trees tend to be highly resilient, saplings need tender care if they are to thrive. Wholesale nurseries ensure that the seedlings are receiving everything they need to grow into hardy trees. From taking into account the nutritional content they need from fertilisers to providing them with the right amount of moisture (even with the spreading drought in Australia), you can be assured you are buying plants that have a greater chance of survival.

Wholesale nurseries make tree-planting time efficient

The length of time it takes trees to get to a level where they are self-sufficient is significant. First, you have to ensure that the seeds germinate in favourable conditions. Secondly, you need to provide them with constant care before they are capable of attaining a certain height. All in all, labouring over these saplings will demand a lot of your time, and this is not something people will full-time jobs will be able to provide to their young trees. When you opt to buy your saplings from a wholesale nursery, you get to save on a substantial amount of time. You can even enlist extra services such as having the seedlings planted for you on your property, which means all you need to do is water them on occasion!

Wholesale nurseries provide you with native plants

If you are a newbie gardener, it is always best to lean toward native plant species before you can begin growing exotic trees. The reason behind this is that native plants will have a higher chance of survival than their non-native counterparts do since they are accustomed to the climatic conditions of your specific area. At a wholesale nursery, you can get saplings that are drought and pest resistant. This resilience dramatically increases the chances of them growing into flourishing trees.