Tips To Get Your Trees Into Shape Before Storm Season Hits

3 January 2017
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If you live in an area where storms are a regular feature of the climate, preparing your trees well in advance of the bad weather is essential. Advance preparation is important for the health of your trees and the safety of your property.

Here's some advice on preparing your trees for storm season.

Look for Vulnerable Trees

The first thing to do is identify any trees that are more vulnerable to storm damage than others. Some species of trees have very rigid branches that grow in closed canopies, and this can make them susceptible to breakage. Also, trees with shallow root systems can be blown down by high winds, especially when carrying a full canopy of leaves.

During your tree services contractor's annual inspection, ask which trees you might want to consider having removed, and discuss suitable alternatives with which to replace them.

Tree species that have good storm-resistant qualities include:

  • eucalyptus
  • native palms
  • mangroves
  • pines

Although these varieties may lose a few small branches and leaves during storm season, the majority will flex with the winds and will still be standing when the wind drops.

Your tree services company will also look out for warning signs of weakness in individual trees. Trees that have damaged or dead branches, cracked or split trunks or limbs, or have branches overhanging your house or outbuildings should be pruned or lopped to remove the danger.

Preventing Damage and Injury

Be vigilant to trees that are growing over power lines. It's important that these trees are pruned back well before the storm season arrives to prevent the possibility of damage to the power supply.

It's a good idea to consider installing strong metal shutters over your windows to prevent wind-borne detritus from smashing its way into your home.

After the Storm

When the storm has cleared, inspect your trees for damage. If you find any trees that are leaning or have broken branches, contact your local tree services company and arrange to have the damaged remedied, before the next storm hits.

In Conclusion

If you have trees growing on your land, you are strongly advised to get ahead when it comes to preparing your trees for storm season. Be sure to arrange for a visit from your local tree removal and care services contractor well before the weather turns so that any damaged trees can be removed or pruned, and consider replacing vulnerable species with something that is more resilient to high winds and heavy rain.